Greek summer is peaking and the eclectic Patmos fans are… congregating on their favorite island, dreaming of the «perfect days» that await them there.

It is time perhaps for you to exemplify your adventurous spirit and expand your horizons, by visiting one of the most remote but sensational beaches of the island, «Psili Ammos» (Fine Sand, in Greek).

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Photo from www.flickr.com

Located on the south-west corner of Patmos and about 10 kilometers south of Chora, it is not the most accessible beach but well worth the effort.

A sculpture in rock

A picturesque cove with pure golden sand, sweeping dunes and lined with many tamarisk trees. Unofficially divided in half, the farthest end is the nudist half, even though nudism is prohibited on Patmos and is tolerated only on some beaches and small, isolated coves.

psili ammos flickr limitsios

Photo by limitsios from www.flickr.com

The first way to visit this still unspoiled paradise, is to embark on a regular water taxi which leaves from Skala port at about 10.00 in the morning and cruise there for about 45 minutes, during which you will enjoy an astonishing tour of the island, as seen from the sea.

Rocky shores of Patmos

After swimming and enjoying the famous sandy beach, you can eat at the seaside tavern under the trees, ordering the famous local goat with tomato sauce (katsikaki kokinisto) or, if they are out of it, just a simple omelet with fresh eggs from the nearby poultry.

Psili ammos taverna

At 16.00 in the afternoon, the boat sails back to Skala port so you can return to Villa Sophia in time for a nice siesta, to rest from all the swimming and cruising and recharge your batteries for a marvelous night out.

Exquisite small coves outside Grikos

Alternatively, if you want to spend the whole day on the beach and enjoy an unforgettable nap under its shady trees, you can drive by car from Patmos Villa Sophia for 10 minutes or by bus to Diakofti and then walk from there to Psili Ammos through the mountainous pathway. Of course, you must be prepared to walk uphill and then downhill for at least 30 minutes under the sun, but you will be rewarded by relishing some of the most picturesque pathways of the island, with awe inspiring views of both land and sea.

Psili Ammos' beach view from the old pathway

After such a wondrous daylight adventure, perhaps it might be a good idea to enjoy a quiet dinner at the traditional restaurants of the fishing village of Grikos, only 1 km away from Patmos Villa Sophia, and maybe complete your experience by a night cup at the adjacent five star Patmos Aktis Hotel bar.

Grikos bay mooring

Tomorrow promises another perfect day, with amazing experiences on this blessed island haven of the primordial Aegean archipelago…