After savoring our first two “perfect days” on Patmos, it is natural to feel considerably more relaxed and eager to appreciate the rare beauties and finer energies of this blessed place.

It is time perhaps to explore the more distant and secluded parts of the island, such as its northern peninsula, where a series of exquisite, adjacent beaches like Vagia, Liginou and Didimes offer delightful swimming, diving and strolling along their dreamy pathways.

Vagia is a pebble beach with tamarisks for shade and often quieter than most easily accessible beaches. It lies only 10 km, about 10-15 minutes drive,  from Patmos Villa Sophia and, just a few meters from the beach, there is a cafeteria where we can enjoy coffee and other beverages or taste delicious homemade pies and pastries, well known all over the island.

Patmos beach

The twin beaches (Didimes in Greek) derive their name from lying side by side in two almost identical bays and are also known as Liginou beaches. They are two small marvelous coves, with crystal clear blue waters, isolated, exotic and not organized while a few trees provide natural shade.


On our way back to the villa, we can stop for late lunch or early dinner at the Kima restaurant by the seaside outside Skala near Koumana, situated right across Patmos Villa Sophia, enjoying the view of Chora and trying fresh fish, if we can spot it, or the more economical seafood (kalamari, shrimps etc).


At night, after a short stop at the villa for a refreshing shower and the… established cocktails by the swimming pool, we can visit Skala, Patmos’ main port.


There, we can explore the numerous arty souvenir boutiques, inland from the excursion boat dock, with antiques and unique creations sometimes created from old widgets by veterans of the Athens Flea Market (Monastiraki).


At some shops we can find reasonably priced porcelain, crystal and silver items and the Patmian embroidery is famous for its elegance.


We can also choose from a wide variety of fresh ice cream and local pastries at Christodoulos Koumanis’ pastry shop opposite the bus stop on the port of Skala.


Then, you can enjoy them during a nostalgic long promenade along the port’s marina with the elegant sailing boats and impressive mega yachts.

marina flickr

photo from www.flickr.com

“Perfect Day Three” has come to an end, but the wonders of Patmos are only beginning to unfold…


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