Renovated Patmos Villa Sophia invites you for a dream holiday season

“From March, starts the summer” boasts an old Greek saying  and today, March 25th, Greece’s National Independence Day, proved it timely.

The weather was marvelous reminding us that the glorious Greek summer is, once again,  upon us.

Timing couldn’t be more perfect  to announce the beginning of the 2017 summer season for the completely renovated and refurbished Villa Sophia on Patmos island.

We invite you to an ideal vacation on this magic haven, “the most idyllic place in Europe”,  as Forbes magazine, among many others, has declared.

Cherish your most exalted reveries and revitalize your body, mind and soul on this authentic legendary Paradise, the most secluded and aristocratic of the Greek islands, an ageless, mystery-guarded secret waiting to be discovered.

And what better way to receive you than the ethereal verses of the primordial Aegean Sea poet, the Nobel Prize laurate Odysseus Elytis:


The Archipelago

the prow of its foams

the gulls of its dreams

the horizons of its voyage

the echo of its nostalgia

the nonchalance of its summer winds

the jib of its hope

On its slightest undulation an island cradles

the coming




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